How do I set notifications in TVGuiden?

With TVGuiden you can conveniently set notifications to alert you of future programs you plan to watch. You can also set recurring or repeat notifications for programs such as series that you want to be reminded about every week. We’ll detail the process of setting up both kinds of reminders below.

 How to set a standard notification (one off alerts)

1. First, choose a future program that you would like to watch and set a reminder for:

2. Tap on the program to view the program detail screen


3. From the program detail screen, tap on the notification 'bell' icon


4. The bell icon will turn blue to signify that you'll receive a notification before your program starts. The default time is 10 mins before – but you can also adjust this in 'Settings' at any time


5. To view your notifications list, select ‘Notifications’ from the main menu


6. You can then see an overview of all your current notifications


 7. To remove a notification, simply hold down for 2 seconds on the program you wish to remove


8. A pop-up dialog will appear. Select 'remove reminder' to delete the notification


How to set recurring notifications (weekly alerts) 

1. If a series has a repeat notification option you'll be notified when you try to set a the notification – an additional dialog will appear and you can select between a one time notification for the current episode or a repeat weekly option

you can delete recurring notifications in exactly the same way (as detailed in steps 7-8 above)