How do I add (or remove) a channel in TVGuiden?

To add or remove a channel in TVGuiden, follow these steps in the screenshots below:

1. On the channel screen, press the "+" icon near the bottom left corner – an alphabetical channel list will then appear

2. Scroll down to the channel you want to add and tap on it to select it. A blue "check" icon will then appear on the right hand side – showing that the channel has been added to your channel list


3. If you want to remove a channel, tap on the blue icon it to "uncheck" it (and remove it from your channel list)

4. Go back to the channel screen 

5. The new channel you added will now be at the bottom of the list. Scroll down the page to find it 


6. Click "edit" in the bottom left corner


7. Press and hold the channel you want to move, then drag it to your desired location