How do I add a channel to TVGuiden?

 To add a channel in TVGuiden;

1. Click the "+" sign in the upper left corner of the "Now" screen


2. Scroll down the list until you find the channel you wish to add


3. Activate the new new channel by pressing it

4. Make sure the channel is "ticked" after you pressed it


5. Go back to the "Now" screen 


6. Scroll down and check that your new channel is displayed. New channels will usually be at the bottom of the list.


7. You can move it to your desired location by clicking "Edit" in the top right corner 

8. Click on the icon to drag and re-order your your channels as desired

9. Click 'Done' to finish editing

If you do not find the channel you are looking for – please send us a request for the new channel and we'll do our very best to get it added for you.